housefThe whole idea of Lost Cowboy is to share things that I “find” that share my sensibilities. The thought was that over time, people who find their way here and share the same interests will come back and it will all start to make sense. So far so good.

I begin with this set-up today because the find folks I have found at Brooklyn-based Housefolk are a perfect fit into this oeuvre.

Just spend a few minutes browsing the find products Housefolk have on offer and you will see scores of things that you might expect to see featured as finds on their own here on Lost Cowboy. Things like…

…this Box of Salted Butter Caramels:

“A special edition tin of the creamiest, chewiest, most delicious French salted butter caramels. Made in the traditional way using sea salt from Guérande. Contains about twenty individually wrapped caramels.”

…these Iron Nails:

“A set of four hand-forged oversized iron nails perfect for hanging clothes, bags, baskets, or anything else you need to keep off the floor. Four sided stem with a large round head.”

…and this Rhinoceros Vase:

“A striking handmade raku vase. With a dark, raw body, and two rhinoceroses for handles. Because of the porous aspect of the clay body and crazing of the glazes, Raku pots are not watertight. Their function is in their beauty.”

About Housefolk: “At housefolk we believe that quality and beauty should go hand in hand with utility and function. We strive to find unique items for the home that embody our philosophy. Housefolk is a new venture from the husband and wife team who opened Brook Farm General Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2009.”

See all the awesomeness of Housefolk.