vogWhen I finally finish the “great American novel” I have been working on for 20 years, I am going to insist it is printed and bound using the high quality process of books of old. My first stop will be the fine folks at Vogel Bindery who have preserved the fine art of book binding and produce only the highest quality results.

About the Fine Bindings of Vogel Bindery:

“For over 20 years, the Vogel Bindery has been crafting books entirely by hand using traditional techniques virtually unchanged for 300 years. Approximately forty steps go into the making of a book. Starting with 100% cotton rag paper that is cut, folded and sewn together by hand to become the text block. Ending with the final step of hand-tooling a design in 24 K gold onto the leather cover. Each step is carefully considered and meticulously executed.”

See examples of the Fine Bindings of Vogel Bindery here.

Learn more about Fine Bindings of Vogel Bindery here.