art1I love the work of artist Randall Cleaver who uses he background in clock repair to make the most amazing assemblages. As a novice assemblage artist myself, I find great inspiration from Mr. Cleaver’s work like his great Majestic Puppet Master from 2010 (right) made from a “heater case, mannequin hand, fabric, found objects, Plexiglas, lights, motor, clock.”

About artist Randall Cleaver:


“Randall Cleaver’s work combines what has been discarded to create timekeeping artifacts. Their utility and motion involve the viewer in their complexity of forms, textures, relationships, and humor. Creating with found objects started as an inexpensive way to obtain materials, but soon, the objects themselves became a source of inspiration. Cleaver tries to give his viewer the sense that the parts were manufactured to form the object, in order that the various parts transcend what they were.”

Oh yeah, I also love his 2008 work Teatime (left), of course.

Learn more about artist Randall Cleaver here.

Find a portfolio of Randall Cleaver’s work here.