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monkHere comes my famous over-the-top hyperbole…

…seriously, today’s find is by far the coolest thing I have ever featured here on Lost Cowboy: the totally awesome Amazing Multiplication Monkey from the fine folks at Tin Toy Arcade.

About the Amazing Multiplication Monkey from Tin Toy Arcade: “As seen in the toy shop in Scorsese’s wonderful 2011 film, Hugo – Can our Amazing Monkey teach Multiplication? Yes! Consul, the educated monkey knows his multiplication tables. Just move his legs and he mechanically finds the answer with his hands. This amazing all tin toy made learning fun decades before calculators and computers. A very special gift for your math teacher, math wiz or tin toy collector! A genuine American Classic Tin Toy – Consul, the Educated Monkey was invented in America in 1916 and originally produced by the Educational Novelty Co. in Dayton, Ohio. Consul was a famous performing monkey, who rode a bicycle and even ate with a fork and knife. The 1909 movie, ‘Consul Crosses the Atlantic’ featured our amazing monkey’s first trip to America! This classic toy was a funny and clever way to teach multiplication.”

See? I told you – by far the coolest thing I have ever found!

Find the Amazing Multiplication Monkey from Tin Toy Arcade here.

See all the great products from Tin Toy Arcade here.

beachWell, it is summer time and thoughts have definitely turned to beaches. However, when you live on the prairie in Kansas (just across the Missouri River from the great American city of Kansas City, MO) you really don’t have a beach to retreat to. So the next best thing is dreaming about being at one of the world’s great beaches and there is no better way to help you do that than the wonderful new book Beaches featuring the awe-inspiring photographs of Gray Malin.

About Beaches by Gray Malin: “Gray Malin is the artist of the moment for the Hollywood and fashion elite. His awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches around the world are shot from doorless helicopters, creating playful and stunning celebrations of light, shape, and perspective, as well as summer bliss. Combining the spirit of travel, adventure, luxury, and artistry, Malin built his eponymous lifestyle brand from a deep passion for photography and interior design. His work forges the synergy between wanderlust and adventure, creating the ultimate visual escape. Beaches features more than twenty cities across six continents: Australia: Sydney; North America: Santa Monica, Miami, San Francisco, Kaua’i, Chicago, The Hamptons, and Cancun; South America: Rio de Janeiro; Europe: Capri, Rimini, Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Amalfi Coast, Barcelona, Lisbon and Saint-Tropez; Africa: Cape Town; Asia: Dubai.”

Mr. Malin’s pictures beg for you to spend time with them – a perfect way to spend an afternoon on the beach or on the prairie.

Beaches by Gray Malin is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

pobI love old mailboxes and have been known to drive people crazy while on vacation by stopping every five feet to take a picture of one while, say, visiting Florence. The fine folks at Iron Accents offer a nice line of vintage-inspired mailboxes that will make you wish you lived in five places so you could use them all.

Iron Accents offers several nice mailboxes, like this Embossed Tin Letter Box (above right):

“Absolutely enchanting in a rustic aqua metal! Embossed with a bird and laurel wreath motif and stamped with the very British “post” rather than mail, this fifteen and a quarter inch box may not be a USPS standard but it would make a charming place to stash not-yet-read magazines and catalogues.”

Find the Mailboxes from Iron Accents here.

See all the great offerings of Iron Accents here.

PineappleTomatosI was trolling the great Overland Park Farmers Market this past Saturday when I stumbled upon a vendor selling pineapple tomatoes – which I had never seen before…

…so I had to purchase a few to try them out and they were great.

I sliced them up sprinkled with some sea salt, drizzled with some olive oil, and garnished with some fresh basil from my own container garden – and it the perfect summer treat.

Of course I went to the internet to learn more about these tomatoes and found this was interesting.





blueThe summer outdoor concert and theater season is well underway and everyone needs a really good go-to chair to bring along. Of course you can find all manner of chairs (of varying price and quality) but there are no better portable chairs than the ones from the fine folks at Blue Ridge Chair Works – like their classic Blue Ridge Chair.

About The Blue Ridge Chair from Blue Ridge Chair Works: “Our clever two-piece design with adjustable shoulder strap makes this the perfect chair for people on the go. Easy to carry for concerts, sporting events, or the beach. Full-length back support… Our clever two-piece design with adjustable shoulder strap makes this the perfect chair for people on the go. Easy to carry for concerts, sporting events, or the beach. Full-length back support offers amazing comfort. Assembles and disassembles in seconds, making it easy to pack for your campsite, or store in the car or boat. Features a built-in Cap Lifter opener!”

Find The Blue Ridge Chair from Blue Ridge Chair Works here.

See all the great chairs from Blue Ridge Chair Works here.

fritI am still in my brunch mode and looking for good recipes for frittatas and such – like this recipe for an Asparagus, Quinoa and Goat Cheese Frittata from Laura Vitale I found in O – the Oprah magazine.

About Laura Vitale’s Asparagus, Quinoa and Goat Cheese Frittata Recipe from O: “My culinary philosophy is all about cooking and eating real food. Of course, pulling together a piping-hot dinner every night is easier said than done. But plenty of dishes are just as delicious at room temperature or even cold, so you can whip them up ahead of time, pop them in the fridge, and serve without stressing. My favorite simple meal is the frittata, the omelet’s low-key cousin. I pair fresh spinach and asparagus with tangy goat cheese and eggs; fluffy cooked quinoa gives it extra heartiness.”

Find the recipe for Asparagus, Quinoa and Goat Cheese Frittata from O here.

See all the great tips to improve your life from O here.

As a big fan of the bicycle, I am all about supporting folks that dedicate themselves to improve our infrastructure and advocate for a Bicycle Friendly America – which is what the fine folks at the League of American Bicyclists are all about.

About the League of American Bicyclists: “For generations past and to come, THE LEAGUE represents bicyclists in the movement to create
 safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere.”


Learn more about the League of American Bicyclists and their quest to create a Bicycle Friendly America. Here.

FF: The Crumpled City Map of Paris

crump1Of course we all have had that moment when we try to re-fold a map and end up just crumpling it up. Now there is a map that is designed to crumple – the Crumpled City Map of Paris I found from the fine folks at Amara.

About the Crumpled City Map of Paris from Amara: “Add unique design to your travels with this stunning Crumpled City map from Palomar. This quirky map relieves traditional map difficulties, with its wonderfully soft, lightweight and 100% waterproof material, perfect to use in all unexpected weather conditions. Finished with a sightseeing index, this map features updated points of interest, monuments, museums and a list of ‘soulsights’ to inspire the traveller. In gorgeous colours, easy read print and a carrying pouch to crumple into when not in use, this is a great gift idea for any occasion or addition to your own travel collection.”

Find the Crumpled City Map of Paris from Amara here.

FF: The Crumpled French Flag Espresso Cup

crump2I’m sensing a trend…

…the fine folks at Amara also offer a Crumpled French Flag Espresso Cup.

About the Crumpled French Flag Espresso Cup: “Add a splash of colour to your home with this Crumple Cup from Revol. Designed with the vibrant colours of the French national flag this cup looks great when in use or on display. Its unique design has been inspired by a crushed plastic cup, brought back to life in stunning porcelain. Dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe for added functionality, it makes a wonderful addition to any home that guests are sure to love.”

Find the Crumpled French Flag Espresso Cup from Amara here.

Find all the fine products from Amara here.


doubtTo say that Ethan Canin is one of the greatest novelists of his generation is not hyperbole and I am not the only person to take such a stand. If there was any doubt of Mr. Canin’s standing all one needs to do is read his wonderful new novel, A Doubter’s Almanac.

About A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin: “Milo Andret is born with an unusual mind. A lonely child growing up in the woods of northern Michigan in the 1950s, he gives little thought to his own talent. But with his acceptance at U.C. Berkeley he realizes the extent, and the risks, of his singular gifts. California in the seventies is a seduction, opening Milo’s eyes to the allure of both ambition and indulgence. The research he begins there will make him a legend; the woman he meets there—and the rival he meets alongside her—will haunt him for the rest of his life. For Milo’s brilliance is entwined with a dark need that soon grows to threaten his work, his family, even his existence. Spanning seven decades as it moves from California to Princeton to the Midwest to New York, A Doubter’s Almanac tells the story of a family as it explores the way ambition lives alongside destructiveness, obsession alongside torment, love alongside grief. It is a story of how the flame of genius both lights and scorches every generation it touches. Graced by stunning prose and brilliant storytelling, A Doubter’s Almanac is a surprising, suspenseful, and deeply moving novel, a major work by a writer who has been hailed as ‘the most mature and accomplished novelist of his generation.’”

A Doubter’s Almanac is not a light read, but it is so beautifully written it takes hold of you quickly and involves you on every page like only the best literature can do.

A Doubter’s Almanac by Ethan Canin is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.