FF: The Coolest Cooler

I have had a lot of pretty cool coolers over the years, but none as cool as the Coolest Cooler – which comes complete with Bluetooth Speaker, USB Charger, LED Lid Light, and bottle openers – and, wait for it – it includes a blender for beach-side ice drinks!

About The Coolest Cooler:

“The Coolest Cooler blends drinks and music with a passion for quality. With more features and fun than any other, you’ll be looking for excuses to get outside and turn good times into great memories.”

Check out The Coolest Cooler here.

FF: Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

There are many fine whiskies around, like almost too many, so why look for a whisky from Japan? Well, because it is really good – like the Coffey Grain Whisky from the fine folks at Nikka. No it is not COFFEE flavored, it’s named for a type of still.

About Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky:

“This Grain Whisky is distilled in a ‘Coffey still’, which is a very traditional and rare patent still Nikka imported from Scotland in 1963. The Coffey still produces a complex whisky with a mellow and sweet taste originating from the grain itself. Please enjoy the uniqueness of this whisky which Nikka offers to the connoisseurs.”

Learn more about Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky here.

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