FF: The Heavy coffee from by Barefoot Coffee Roasters

I am not a coffee drinker, as I have mentioned a view times before, but I am always on the lookout for interesting blends to keep on hand for guests who do enjoy it. Which is why I am happy to have found the Heavy coffee from by Barefoot Coffee Roasters available from the fine folks at MistoBox.

About the Heavy coffee from by Barefoot Coffee Roasters:

“This is The Heavy brought to you by Barefoot Coffee Roasters. This coffee was sourced from Guatemala and the lots consist of Caturra and Bourbon varieties. Big-bodied, bold and rich, The Heavy harkens back to the classic coffee house style with subtle smoky notes complemented by flavors of dark chocolate, roasted cacao nibs and vanilla.”

Find Barefoot Coffee Roasters’ Heavy coffee from MistoBox here.

See all the products available from MistoBox – including their coffee subscription service – here.

FF: EveryDrop Portable Water Filters

I am, however, a water drinker and like to filter my tap water before drinking or using it for cooking. I have had many portable water filters over the years that were perfectly serviceable, but as design snob I have to say they were ugly. Now, I have found the perfect match of design and function – the EveryDrop Portable Water Filter – as nice to look at as it is at filtering your water.

About the EveryDrop Portable Water Filter:

“Contoured funnel shape is designed to freshly filter water into any size or kind of container at home or on the go. Available in white or blue.”

Learn more about the EveryDrop Portable Water Filter here.