I have been having some fits with my container garden this year. Something, or someone, has been chomping away at my plants overnight – taking particular delight in biting anything that looks like it is going to be harvestable. At first I thought it was a pesky-looking chipmunk I saw hanging around a lot. Then I suspected a squirrel. I thought about the rabbits that hang out in my back yard – but they seem to be content with all the clover they can eat. Well, the other night, about dusk, I went out to watch the glorious show of lightning bugs that the prairie is noted for, and I saw the culprit – the ugliest possum I have ever seen (and that is pretty darn ugly) chomping away at an eggplant plant. He or she just stopped a moment to glance my way and then went back to chomping. Oh well. I am doing what I can to protect my garden. So far I have some success with tomatoes, beans, and have been enjoying a bumper crop of basil.