The other day when I posted about my visit to Cigar Shenanigans Cigar and Cocktail Lounge in North Conway, NH, I mentioned that they used cigar boxes in unique ways to enhance their décor. This reminded me of the fine folks at AxBox Guitars – makers of amazing guitars from, well from cigar boxes. Seriously, each finished product from AxBox is a masterpiece.

About AxBox Guitars:

“All of our guitars are handcrafted from found objects and the highest quality custom materials. We have a rotating selection of already built guitars at our shop, as well as an expanding collection of vintage cigar boxes and unique containers you can select from for the guitar of your choice. Custom consultation for a guitar crafted from your own found object is also available.”

I first spotted AxBox Guitars at the great Gold Coast Art Fair this past June in Chicago and fell in love with the craftsmanship and high quality. These are not just a novelty. I was most intrigued by listening to actual musicians from the crowd walking up, picking up one of the cigar box guitars and playing it – and sounding as good as any “real” guitar you can find.

Making something like a cool guitar from a “found” object? How could I not love it?

Learn more about AxBox Guitars here.

Visit AxBox Guitars’ Etsy shop here.