I eat a ton of oatmeal from October through April. I love something hot in the morning during the colder months. Every now and then I like to mix it up and I have been experimenting with grits, and I have found no better than the Tiny House Southern Seasoned Grits from the fine a folks at RogersMade.

About the Tiny House Southern Seasoned Grits from RogersMade:

“Savor the mouth-watering flavor of a true culinary classic (and Southern pantry staple) with The Tiny House Southern Seasoned Grits! Here’s the gritty story behind this yummy, handcrafted product: Mr. Scott Holcomb (cook, craftsman, restaurateur, tiny house enthusiast, and all-around nice guy) was proudly raised on the delicious down-home cooking that came from his beloved grandmothers’ kitchens. Inspired by his love for the cuisine he grew up on, he eventually opened a restaurant that featured those very same time-honored dishes – which included his family’s recipe for the perfect corn grits. From the moment the first bowl was served, word quickly spread… and it was no time at all before Scott became well-known in his neck of the woods for his famous Southern Seasoned Grits. Today, Scott travels around with his mobile kitchen, The Tiny House, serving up his original dishes to hungry food lovers wherever he stops.”

Find the Tiny House Southern Seasoned Grits from RogersMade here.

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