I love old school toys. First, I had a few when I was a kid, although the electronic toy craze was well underway then. I have always loved things like wood block or toy ships and trucks. Second, now as a adult I think old school toys are cool to have around as decoration or art. This is why I love the Classic Wood Building Sets I found from the fine folks at Roy Toy.

About the Classic Wood Building Sets from Roy Toy:

“Our oldest and most popular line. Designs of building sets and packaging remain the same as they were when first introduced in the 1930s. Lift the box top and smell the all-natural pine wood. We always enjoy watching a smile form on the face of a new grandfather as he is reminded of a time many years ago when he, as a small child, was helped by his grandfather to build a log cabin for the first time. Together they built memories that lasted a lifetime. What greater gift can a parent or grandparent give than memories? Start building some today with someone that you love.”

Find the Classic Wood Building Sets from Roy Toy here.

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