The famed show business entrepreneur, P.T. Barnum has never been too far out of the spotlight for a very long time now. The circus that carried on his name was still performing up until 2017 and Hugh Jackman portrayed Barnum in the recent hit film musical, The Greatest Showman. But few know the full story of Barnum’s amazing life, only hinted at in the afore mentioned film and past biographies. Now we have the definitive biography of one of America’s all time greatest purveyors of popular entertainment, Barnum – an American Life by Robert Wilson, and it is fantastic.

About Barnum – an American Life by Robert Wilson:

“Nearly 125 years after his death, the name P. T. Barnum still inspires wonder. Robert Wilson’s vivid new biography captures the full genius, infamy, and allure of the ebullient showman. From birth to death, Phineas Taylor Barnum repeatedly reinvented himself. He learned as a young man how to wow crowds, and built a fortune that placed him among the first millionaires in the United States. He also suffered tragedy, bankruptcy, and fires that destroyed his life’s work, yet willed himself to rebuild and succeed again. As an entertainer, Barnum courted controversy time and again throughout his life—yet he was also a man of strong convictions, guided in his work not by a desire to deceive but an eagerness to thrill and bring joy to his audiences. He almost certainly never uttered the infamous line, ‘There’s a sucker born every minute,’ instead taking pride in giving crowds their money’s worth and more.”

Barnum – an American Life by Robert Wilson is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.