So, I am in Arizona for a little rest and relaxation before taking care of some business this week, and I am having a great time. The big revelation for me is the cool town of Prescott where I stayed on my first night as just a staging area between flying into Phoenix (about 100 miles south) and visiting Sedona (another 40ish miles north). I love Prescott, it is a cool hip town with a lot to do, which I will post about later. But the number one reason to like Prescott? Their downtown entertainment district is called Whiskey Row, a throwback to the town’s heyday when it was known for its saloons.

About Whiskey Row in Prescott, Arizona:

“Looking for a fun night on the town? Look no further than Whiskey Row! This block of town has been known for it’s bar scene since the early 1900s. During one point in Prescott’s history, this area of town had a total of 40 saloons. Today they are still known for their night life which can be experienced almost every night of the week! No need to stick with one bar. There are plenty of Whiskey Row bars to hop. You get a chance to enjoy all that Prescott’s Whiskey Row has to offer without walking farther than that one block.”

Learn more and plan your trip to Whiskey Row here.

Visit Prescott, AZ online here.