I am always looking for new ways to enhance my outdoor space and for years I have been thinking about adding a fountain to my patio and garden. However, up until now I haven’t found just the right fountain that spoke to me. That has all changed now that I found the Royal Lions Floor Fountain from the fine folks at Lamps Plus (the “Plus” includes great things other than lamps, like, well, fountains).

About the Royal Lions Floor Fountain from Lamps Plus:

“Mediterranean inspired, this traditional fountain with light features flowing water from a lion’s head into a series of basins. This classic garden fountain from the John Timberland brand features a lion’s head and a three tiered design. Water cascades gently from one level to the next creating a pleasant look and sound, from the lion’s mouth at the top, then into the lower basin. A built-in light in the second basin from the top brightens the design at night. Ornate details include the arch top, side columns, and decorative base.”

Find the Royal Lions Floor Fountain from Lamps Plus.

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