I used a shoehorn just about every day. With the popularity of slip-on shoes and my desire to never untie traditional shoes, I find a shoehorn a indispensable tool in my life. My Nana used to always say you should never go cheap on things that you use a lot and add to your well being. She was talking about things like food and mattresses. However, I realized that this philosophy should be applied to things like my shoehorn – which is why I plan to replace the $5 plastic shoehorn I’ve been using with the very cool, and definitely upscale, French Bulldog Shoehorn designed by Pasotti and available from the fine folks at Artemest.

About the Pasotti French Bulldog Shoehorn:

“The French Bulldog Shoehorn features an enameled brass handle representing the head of the well-natured dog in black and white. Handmade in Italy, this unique and elegant accessory has a wooden shaft, an ABS end and measures 50 cm in length.”

The Pasotti French Bulldog Shoehorn is available from the fine folks at Artermest.

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