Although my quick trip to Portland last weekend was focused on what was going on out on the streets (the art festival) there are plenty of fine shops around town to help satisfy even the most hardy of shoppers. As my final Portland post from this recent trip – here a couple of establishments that caught my eye.

FOUND: More and Co. of Portland, ME

port1About More and Co.: “At More & Co, we believe everyday objects—the ones that surround us, the ones we reach for again and again—should also bring a bit of beauty into our homes and lives. Our shop is in constant motion, taking shape every few months around a certain theme or set of ideas. These themes help us carefully curate each assortment of goods. For each, we make our own creations and partner with artists and makers alike to bring you a unique experience. We want you to have as much fun visiting our shop, whether online or in person, as we do in stocking it. We select goods based on our love of art and design, and on our desire to keep the things in our homes to a simple, thoughtful minimum. Every product in the shop is something we already use, wear, treasure and love, or something we can’t wait to have in our own lives.”

More& Co. has some great products. Case in point: the Poppy Dashes & Moons Napkin Set: “We spend a lot of time cooking with friends and family. We can’t think of a better way to set the table for those you love than with these gorgeous napkins. The only get better with wash and use.”

More& Co. is located at 112 High Street in the great city of Portland, ME.

Lucky for us, More & Co. has an online shop – check it out here.

FOUND: The Honey Exchange of Portland, ME

port2Meanwhile, the fine folks over at the Honey Exchange have all sorts of honeys and honey-related products.

About The Honey Exchange: “We want to have a store that expresses our admiration for all honeybees do for the planet. We are a central place where beekeepers can extract their honey conveniently, and buy the equipment they need for their apiaries. At the same time we recognize that managing a hive of bees isn’t for everyone. The store gives everyone an opportunity to learn about honeybees, safely see the workings of the bees in our observation hive, and support local beekeepers who sell their honey, beeswax products, and other products of the hive.”

Check out the Hand-thrown Honey Pot by artist Gail Wiley: “These honey pots are hand made by artist Gail Wiley. Each one is unique and varies slightly in size and the color of the glaze. Call for details, or we can e-mail you snapshots of the pots we currently have in inventory. If not, we’ll choose the pot that seems most amazing at the moment, though they are all beautiful.”

The Honey Exchange is located at 494 Stevens Ave. in the great city of Portland, ME.