succIf you know someone who is into the adult coloring craze and just so happens to like succulents (plants) then you will be thrilled to find the newly released Sensational Succulents: An Adult Coloring Book of Amazing Shapes and Magical Patterns by Debra Lee Baldwin (Author), Laura Serra (Illustrator).

About Sensational Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin and Laura Serra:Sensational Succulents combines two popular trends: coloring for adults and succulents. Featuring 75 illustrations drawn by Laura Serra and based on photographs from Debra Lee Baldwin’s bestselling books, it is filled with a huge array of succulents, the relaxing patterns that naturally occur in the plant world, fun mandalas made up of plants, and hours of restorative, creative fun. The illustrations appear on only one side of a high-quality paper that supports a variety of mediums, including pencils and markers.”

When you buy this book as a gift for said person and they shower you with praise – just remember who told you about it first.

Sensational Succulents by Debra Lee Baldwin and Laura Serra is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.