Just in time for your seasonal cooking, the fine folks at Urbani Truffles have rolled out their Summer Truffles.

About the Summer Truffles from Urbani Truffles: “Summer truffles are now known and appreciated all over the world. Picking season goes from May to September. Summer truffles are usually found in limestone terrains, oakwoods and pinewoods. Classic recipe is the summer truffle sauce adding the grated summer truffles to warm olive oil (warm but not boiling), a touch of garlic, salt and pepper. This sauce is used on bruschettas, spaghetti, meat, fish or you can slice on a salad to create a very special dish. Recommended quantity for portion: 1oz. We recommend consuming the truffles as soon as possible.”

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FF: The Black Truffle Salt from Abe’s Market

ff2If you want some truffle in your life but the real thing costs too much or is just a pain – you can get your fix with the Black Truffle Salt from Abe’s Market I found from the fine folks at Abe’s Market.

About the Black Truffle Salt from Abe’s Market: “Celtic Sea Salt with black winter truffles. This is not a flavored product since there is no “truffle aroma or truffle essence” added. Truffle NC simply adds dehydrated truffle to the sea salt, for a purely delicious truffle salt. This little jar holds a great way to finish any dish that hasn’t been flavored with other competitors like heavy garlic. It’s just that — a finish — and pure truffle makes everything special. Try it on croissants, ice cream, and other confections!”

Find the Black Truffle Salt from Abe’s Market here.

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