swooz1I know many people that have a thing about drinking out of frosted glasses. I kind of know what they mean, it can be weird, and I have always thought frosted glassed were best used as decorative glasses on a shelf or bar cart.

The Frosted State Tumblers – different for every state in the Union – that I found from the fine folks at Swoozies would be the perfect decoration anywhere… Or a nice gift for a friend that, say, may be living in Kansas but misses his home back in New Hampshire. Just sayin’.

About the Frosted State Tumblers from Swoozies:

“This design is amazingly rendered with 7 lead-free colors plus matte gold on a high quality 15 ounce frosted tumbler.”

swooz2The glasses are a nice companion to the Hand Embroidered Decorative State Pillows Swoozies also offers:

“Hand embroidered on 20″ x 20″ size; includes deluxe poly form. It is entirely hand embroidered (40+ hours) on a light tea-color cotton cover that buttons off for cleaning. Accented with black velvet piping. 30 plus specific colors, thread hand dyed to order.”

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