a.11I have the unfortunate reputation of getting into small automobile collisions on a regular basis.  It seems I tend to “tap” people stopped in traffic with some regularity.  Most of the time there is no damage and after receiving the general look of disapproval from the other driver we get back in our cars and drive away.

But the collision with damage is inevitable and being prepared is always a good idea.  I recently came across this really cool Collision Kit from See Jane Work.  This kit is great, it has everything you need in the event you are in a car accident so you can collect all the information you need for insurance or a police report.

About the See Jane Work Collision Kit: “Designed to help you keep your cool and gather your wits when you’ve been involved in a car accident, the Collision Kit includes a flash camera, a pen, and a clipboard with pre-printed forms to remind you to get all the details, including information from the other driver(s) and witnesses. An envelope for your insurance card and registration keeps your documents at hand even when your hands are shaking. Zipped up and glove-compartment sized, the Collision Kit is there when you need it, but we hope you never need it.”

I am going to get a few of these Collision Kits, one for me and a couple to give to friends and family. I think this is thoughtful gift – much like that thing that you keep in your car that can break a window and cut you seat belt should you ever drive off a bridge and sink into water.

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