FF: The Star Spangled Paper Plates from the Caspari Collection

Your Fourth of July party deserves something better than dollar store plates (although as  you know I am a big dollar store fan) so spring for something a little nicer, like the Star Spangled Paper Plates I found from the fine folks at Caspari.

About the Star Spangled Paper Plates from the Caspari Collection:

“Star Spangled Square Paper Salad Dessert Plates per package, 7¼” x 7½”. Available in a dinner, salad, or dessert plate. Ideal for 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day events.”

Find the Star Spangled Paper Plates from the Caspari Collection here.

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FF: The Sausages from Bacon Freak

So, what to put on those plates? Well before you go for the boring old hot dog, I beg you to check out the sausages from the fine folks at Bacon Freak – yes BACON FREAK.

About the Sausages from Bacon Freak: “What Makes These Sausages So Good? Big Fork Sausages are all-natural, artisan sausages made in Chicago using local ingredients. They are minimally processed and naturally encased and the meat comes from hogs raised outdoors in the Midwest by independent farmers. They contain no preservatives, MSG, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. The flavors of each sausage variety were created by a chef for optimum flavor and they contain 20% less fat than bacon.”

Try the Big Fork Chicken & Bacon Sausage (above right): “Chicken bacon sausage is made from free-range chickens raised on Amish farms. Paired with hardwood smoked, nitrate-f12 oz and contains 4 sausage links.ree bacon. This all-natural sausage is naturally encased, without any water, preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics added, just pure ingredients like sea salt and brown sugar. Naturally smoked using a blend of Hickory & Applewood hardwood. Each package is 12 oz and contains 4 pre-cooked sausage links.”

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