I spent countless hours of my youth, and way more of my adulthood than I care to admit, on perfecting the perfect paper airplane. But alas, I failed in every attempt. In fact, my paper airplane skills seem to be getting worse. However, now I have found exactly what I need to help me succeed in my quest for paper airplane supremacy – the great Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit I found from author Andrew Dewar and illustrator Kostya Vints (available here from Amazon).

About the Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit:

“Make paper airplanes based on the fastest, longest-flying planes in the world! Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit includes paper and instructions for 16 original high-performance paper airplanes. These planes are incredibly easy to fold, and designed to push the envelope in terms of time aloft and distance thrown—based on principles exploited by record-breaking paper airplane experts.”

The Record Breaking Paper Airplanes Kit is available from Amazon.