Finally! A subscription box service that is perfect for me – the fine letterpress cards and stationery from the fine folks at Mail More Love. As a huge fan of fine ephemera and sending personal notes to folks, the idea of having cool new designs sent to me each months is perfect – unlike the boxes of accessories, cosmetics samples and fruit other subscription services offer.

About Mail More Love:

“A curated subscription box of the highest quality paper treasures for you to send into the world to connect with your loved ones. It’s a reminder to them of who they are – someone special enough to receive real mail; and a reminder to you of who you are – someone who loves them enough to send it. Each month, when the box arrives, it is also a reminder for you to spend a few moments sharing a little piece of your life with someone you love. Now that you have the perfect card in hand, to whom will you write?”

Sign me up!

Not up for a subscription? That’s cool – try one of their finely curated theme boxes, like The Cat Box (above right): “The dream gift for yourself if you are a cat lover or for the cat lover in your life. Three just because cards, a birthday card and a concern card… plus a roll of salmon striped washi tape to adorn all your outgoing mail. It’s downright puurrfect! Ships immediately.”

Learn more about Mail More Love and how to subscribe here.