FF: The Madras Lentils from Tasty Bite

The fine folks at Tasty Bite make a great line of ready to eat products, from various rices to vegetables. My favorite is Tasty Bite’s Madras Lentils, which makes a nice quick meal over rice.

About the Madras Lentils from Tasty Bite:

“Our Madras Lentils are a quintessential recipe from India. Soft lentils and red kidney beans are slow-cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with onions and a variety of spices. Serve as a hearty soup, lentil & bean chili, or as a delicious blanket over a bed of rice.”

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FF: The Red Roasted Peppers from Lindsay

Meanwhile, another fine prepared food that is great to have handy in the pantry are the jarred Red Roasted Peppers from the fine folks at Lindsay.

About the Red Roasted Peppers from Lindsay:

“Vine ripened to earthy sweetness, then roasted over an open flame and packed in sea salt to preserve their vibrant taste.”

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