The fine folks at Ecrandal Handmade Copper Cookie Cutters make some very special cookie cutters, but right now as we prepare for Valentine’s Day we are really digging their Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter.

About Ecrandal Handmade Copper Cookie Cutters:

“Our Ecrandal cookie cutters are known around the world for their exquisite quality, beautiful designs, and perfect cuts! What sets us apart?  Here are a few of our special details and care that goes into the forming of our heirloom cutters. First to start off with a high-quality product you must begin with the best materials.  Our copper is made by Revere, the original US made copper.  For those of you that don’t know, Paul Revere not only warned us that the British were coming, but he was also a talented Silver and Coppersmith.  We are proud to purchase our copper from a company that uses copper that is made in the USA and has such a rich history! Every one of our copper cookie cutters is hand-crafted by Eric without the use of any automated machinery.”

Find the Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter from Ecrandal Handmade Copper Cookie Cutters here.

Learn more about Ecrandal Handmade Copper Cookie Cutters here.