OK folks, I know you have been anxiously waiting for posts about my 2019 garden. Well, here we go. It has been a rather wet and stormy spring here on the Kansas prairie (just across the river from the great city of Kansas City, MO) – which has meant the time to spend out in the yard getting ready for the season has been limited. But the weather has improved greatly over the past several days and I have been able to get things ready for my raised bed vegetable garden.

First, I tilled the soil that was already in the raised bed from last season, carefully mixing in some new soil and fertilizer to make sure there were enough nutrients for the new crop. Then I started planting in the seedlings I purchased from a local nursery (I did not have it in me to start from seed this year). After learning from last year – the first year with the raised bed – I planted the seedlings in rows as opposed to willy nilly which limited the space.

So far I have planted several varieties of tomatoes and peppers – two things I have always had success with in the past. I also have some squash, cucumbers and herbs including rosemary, basil and various mints. After laying in the first set of plants I realized I have room for another dozen of so plants – so it is back to the nursery to complete the 2019 lineup.