I have often been accused of hyperbole, especially when extolling the coolness of various finds here on Lost Cowboy. But! Today, I can’t find enough words to tell you how cool I think today’s Find is: the Bottle Gardens I found from the fine folks at Urban Leaf.

About Urban Leaf:

“Urban Leaf started with a simple but ambitious idea: bring a healthier, more sustainable food system to the masses. Urban Leaf does this by providing simple and affordable ways for anyone to enjoy indoor gardening. Our team of plant scientists, engineers and food enthusiasts are united by a passion to create a more sustainable planet by reducing the impact that our food choices make. By sharing the joys of gardening with people like you, our hope is to motivate, encourage and inspire a healthier and more sustainable way of life.”

Not only do the Bottle Gardens from Urban Leaf allow you to grow fresh herbs inside all year round – they look great while doing it.

Learn more about the Bottle Gardens from Urban Leaf here.

Visit Urban Leaf online here.