In recent years there has been a lot of commentary about “over tourism” in the great cities and regions of Spain and Italy. It is with great sadness that in recent weeks we have seen scenes of iconic places usually crowded with tourist now empty due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. I for one can’t wait to see these places full again – even if it means too many people.

This week, I will try to find places where we can satisfy our urge to travel with online tours to hold us over until we can get back out there.

Today, I present Enoteca Properzio in Spello, a charming village in Umbria, where I spent one of the greatest days of my life on trip with my sister and niece in 2011.

As I dream about be able to go back to Italy – I dream of that day and the graciousness of our host Roberto, who laid out the red carpet as we tasted wine and other pleasures.

About Enoteca Properzio:

“Imagine entering a room with ancient origins, dating back to medieval times, where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. This is Enoteca Properzio 1 , one of wine store most popular in Italy not only for high quality of its products, but also for the context in which it is inserted.”

Take a tour of Enoteca Properzio online here.

Visit Enoteca Properzio online here.