My inner ten-year-old boy went crazy when I found the Target Practice Slingshot from the fine folks at New Market Goods.

About the Target Practice Slingshot from New Market Goods:

“These slingshots are meant for target practice. The latex bands are industrial strength for a very powerful shot, and the forks are wide angles (45+ degrees) for ease of use. The bands are attached using the “”over-the-fork”” method, which provides the longest band life, most accurate shot, and is considered the safest construction method for the shooter. Slingshots come with a handmade felt ball for safe and fun shooting. Made from fallen sycamore and oak branches gathered on the grounds of the Cooper Park Houses and Williamsburg Houses in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and from fallen branches in Woodstock, NY.”

I promise I’ll only shoot rocks at cans on the wall not at all the annoying squirrels in my yard. I swear!

Find the Target Practice Slingshot from New Market Goods.

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