For my garden this year I wanted to try some new things to add color and charm to my garden and my dinner plate. Which is why I was so happy to find the fine folk at Row 7 Seeds who specialize in seeds for fun vegetables like their Beauregarde Snow Pea.

About the Beauregarde Snow Pea Seeds from Row 7:

“Bred to bring more flavor (and more purple) to purple peas, these high-anthocyanin, wavy-podded snow peas hold their vibrant color when cooked. Wait for small peas to develop in the pod to reach full flavor potential. 60-80 days to maturity, depending on planting date. Average 125 seeds/oz., 2,000 seeds/lb. Each Beauregarde seed sold supports public plant breeding research at Cornell University.”

Find the Beauregarde Snow Pea Seeds from Row 7.

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