Today is my final post (at least for now) of reminiscences of my trip to Italy last fall.  Today, I bring you some notes about Umbrian wines and ceramics. 

The vineyards of Arnaldo Caprai

One of the great joys of our trip to Umbria was a visit to the vineyards of Arnaldo Caprai.  The vineyards were stunning with post harvest hues and the tour was interesting and informative. 

Even I as a non-wine-drinker enjoyed the tasting and tour and we had a nice time.  My traveling companions, my sister and niece, really enjoyed Arnaldo Caprai’s Anima Umbra Bianco – a few bottles of which I have secured stateside for future gifts.

Passing along my companions’ other wine discoveries from the trip, they were high on:

The Ceramics of Rolando and Goffredo Nulli

Finally, after all the food, wine and sightseeing, we did a lot of shopping and enjoying the local artisans.  I was taken by the wonderful ceramics that were everywhere.  In particular, I loved the Ceramics of Rolando and Goffredo Nulli.

About the Ceramics of Rolando and Goffredo Nulli: “Rolando and Goffredo Nulli’s handicraft shop is a family run business where completely handmade majolicas are created. Their high quality production keeps the tradition alive and evokes the classic decorations of the various periods of deruta. The Nulli Majolicas are known in Italy and many other countries, especially in Europe, the United States and Japan. For everybody wants gain experience in creating an object by a turning lathe, Rolando Nulli gives the possibility to do it also providing valuable indications and all the necessary assistance.”

Ciao Roberto!

And last but not least, here is one final plug for our friend Roberto Angelini at Enoteca Properzio in Spello – where we spent a few glorious hours tasting wine, olive oils, balsamics and other Umbrian treats – truly the highlight of our trip.

From my November 2011 trip to Italy – the amazing vineyards of Arnaldo Caprai in autumn: