GandGWhile I was visiting my great friend Lynda and her husband over the New Year’s holiday, I was thrilled to find a copy of Garden & Gun magazine laid out with all the other periodicals on their coffee table.  I had never seen the magazine before and was tickled by it’s title.  Garden & Gun celebrates the best of southern living and is simple fabulous.

About Garden & Gun magazine:  Garden & Gun is the only magazine that moves from the sporting life to lush land and gardens, from architectural pursuits to adventurous travel, from food and drink to visual splendor. Garden & Gun is an idea about how to live — how to live a life that is more engaged with the land, the literature, the music, the arts, the traditions, the food, and the authenticity that has shaped the Southern way of life. It is about truly appreciating the richness of the South and knowing how that understanding can enrich one’s life and translate beyond Southern geography.”

I was browsing the magazine and enjoying it when I asked Lynda about it.  She said she loved it too and knew I would and had already ordered me a gift subscription.  Needless-to-say I was thrilled.

Garden & Gun has great features about the culture and lifestyle of living in the southern U.S., which is a real treat for those of us Yankees in New England.  There are great features about southern food, gardens, travel and all sorts of other southern treats.

Of course I am thrilled by all the attention bourbon receives in the pages Garden & Gun – editorially and in advertisements.

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