VRCBVRCBI love everything retro.  Make it music-related retro and I am all in.  So it follows that I fell in love with these Vinyl Record kitchen work surfaces from Joseph Joseph

About the Vinyl Record surfaces from Joseph Joseph: “These retro designs are sure to spark feelings of nostalgia and are therefore perfect for both music lovers and cooks alike.  Made from toughened glass and with non-slip rubber feet, these multi-function boards provide a hygienic, odor- and stain-resistant work surface for all types of food preparation.

As much as I love the idea of using these as a cutting board or other intended use, I think there may be other uses.  I can see these Vinyl Record surfaces as the center piece on a table, or as a cover for the top of a nightstand or as a charger plate for a cool dinner party.  Anyway, I just love them.

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