hrabI love many things.  But I would be hard pressed to find three things that I like more than bikes, vintage movie stars and coffee table books.  Put the three together and I am heaven.  Well, that is exactly why Steven Rea has done with his wonderful new book Hollywood Rides a Bike – Cycling with the Stars.

Some books are meant to be read, and I try to feature some of them each week here, but other books are meant to be devoured, and that is what this book is about. 

About Hollywood Rides a Bike – Cycling with the Stars:  “Hollywood Rides a Bike shows classic stars—from Shirley Temple, Betty Grable, and Brigitte Bardot to Bogie, Gable, and Bing—on wheels, then proves there’s way less than six degrees of separation between Kevin Bacon and all the best bikes Hollywood prop shops have to offer. One hundred twenty-five rare vintage photographs will make bicycle lovers drool over classic models and one-of-a-kinds. Then, especially for cycling aficionados, there’s a special index just about the bicycles! Not to disappoint movie fans, another index is devoted to the book’s Who’s Who of Hollywood stars.”

The photographs in this book are great and there are some really nice shots in here that will definitely make you smile.  Hollywood Rides a Bike – Cycling with the Stars is the perfect coffee table book, one that will look good on your Texas-shaped table and will actually be opened time and again by you and your guests.

The book is a result of the great Tumblr photo blog, Rides a Bike, which I have loved for some time.  The images in the book and on the blog are more than just a delightful curiosity.  When strung together these photos represent a collective pop culture history linked together by the constant of the bicycle.

Hollywood Rides a Bike – Cycling with the Stars is available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Check out the fabulous “Rides A Bike” photo blog on Tumblr here.