bun3My mother loves bunnies.  I am not sure how and when she fell in love with them, but somewhere along the way, she did.  She made a third act career of making bunnies and selling them at craft fairs all over New England.

Beginning somewhere in the 1980’s, my mom decided she was finally going to do what she always dreamed of doing: turn her life-long love (and amazing skill) of sewing into a little business.  My mother was always a gifted seamstress, making clothes for herself and the family over the years.  However, when it came to her crafting, she wanted to make Bunny dolls.

Not stuffed animals per se, but dolls.  Why dolls?  Well, the Bunny dolls were really just a way for her to show off her real love, making the little outfits they wore.

Anyway, she made hundreds of these Bunny dolls – and other animals, most notably cows – over the years and they sold in crafts shops throughout New England and eventually at craft fairs my parents attended.

bun2It’s a long story for another time, but eventually the clothes did overshadow the dolls, with the discovery that the clothes she was making for the Bunnies fit the American Girl dolls that came into vogue in the 90’s.  My mother fell in love with the American Girl dolls and made cloths for the various dolls that were appropriate for their back stories and featuring vintage fabrics and accessories that complimented them.  My mom became a doll dress making machine and churned out thousands and thousands of outfits that were purchased by her appreciative fans.

But for me, it will be her signature Bunny dolls that tell the story.  When I first moved into this house in NH, where my mom made most of her creations, there was very little of the once thriving studio and workshop left.  We had long cleaned out the sewing machines, fabrics, and everything that went into the enterprise.  However, as I went about cleaning the house, I came across a few of the Bunny dolls stashed away in various places.

Each time I found one of the Bunnies, a warm feeling came over me.  I took each of them and found a place for them in the great room that was once their incubator.  With my mom and dad no longer living in this house where they enjoyed many years of happiness, keeping these remnants of those days around makes me feel like it is still their home.

Well, I guess by now it is obvious that this post comes at this time as Easter is this Sunday and bunnies are a symbol of the season.  For me these bunnies will always be a symbol of much more – my mom, creativity, craftsmanship and providing joy to others.


Pictured throughout this post are a few of my mother’s Bunny dolls that are still hanging around.