VGSI often look at an ordinary object and think of it as art.  In my own works, I have taken items, or parts of things, and presented them in a way that brings out a quality that transcends their original use.  And of course I like a nice vintage find or antique just hanging out on a shelf.

Anyway, I was inspired recently when I came across High Falls Mercantile, where amongst other things, a nice collection of vintage items are given a new look. With their “Mounted, Sculptural & Industrial” collection, High Falls Mercantile has created works of art from ordinary items from the past, mostly simple farm tools.

About the “Mounted, Sculptural & Industrial” art of High Falls Mercantile:  “We so often overlook the grace and refinement in everyday objects. There is beauty in their utility, art in their form. Professionally museum-mounted, these pieces feature custom hand-soldered steel bases made locally and proportioned to balance the scale of each implement. Whether displayed alone or a part of a larger collection, these characterful pieces are destined to become conversation-starters in your home.”

I really like what they have done (I particularly like this display of vintage garden tools), and it has sent me back into the barn where I have been seeing all sorts of things in a new light.

See all the great products of High Falls Mercantile here.