vps2“Americans just simply don’t understand picnics!” 

One of the best movie lines in the last decade or so from the film “Tea with Mussolini” and delivered in the signature style of the amazing Dame Maggie Smith.

It is true I suppose, that we Americans do not have the flair of the British, the panache of the French or the pure love of food of the Italians, but I for one love picnics.  I realize that loving picnics may not be “understanding” them , but any excuse to have a meal outside and I am in.

The weather has been so nice that I have been having a few picnics as I am out and about shaking off the winter cobwebs.  (BTW, I love a good winter picnic as well.)

I have a few different picnic baskets which I pull out from time to time and they always make the picnic special.  However, my baskets are extremely humble compared to the R. Horn Viennese Picnic Set I found at the Neue Galerie.

This Viennese Picnic set is truly a work of art (and priced as such at nearly $700) and it would surely help spread some understanding around these parts.

vps1About the R. Horn Viennese Picnic Set“Produced by R. Horn’s Wien. Hand-stitched pebbled calf-skin. Available in black, camel, chocolate brown, cobalt blue, and forest green. Inside leather pocket for salt and pepper. Waterproof washable interior. Nickel-plated brass hardware.”

In my fantasy world I would be snapping up things like this picnic set without a thought.  But alas, I will muddle through with my little wicker basket with the mismatched flatware.

Tour the Neue Galerie New York  website here.