DFCBugBoxI don’t often find myself poring over high fashion jewelry designers’ websites.  However, recently I was attracted to designer Alexis Bittar’s site due to his wonderful marketing campaign featuring Edina and Patsy of Britcom classic Absolutely Fabulous fame.

After ogling the campaign and waxing nostalgic for the many hours I spent with Edina and Patsy during the Clinton administration, I stumbled upon the Bed Bug Money Box.  The Bed Bug Money Box is described as “hand cast terracotta bed-bug change box designed to be broken up when full.”  I describe it as just plain fun. 

I love the idea of an old-school piggy bank type of thing that is made to hold loose change and when you can’t fit anymore inside you have the satisfaction of smashing it open with a hammer and running to the corner store to buy candy.

More than anything, I love the terracotta of th Bed Bug Money Box, and I think it would look great on my bedroom dresser holding change versus the empty margarine bowl I currently use.

Oh yeah, one last thing  the Bed Bug Money Box, which retails for $40 is on sale now for $9.75!

Visit the Alexis Bittar sire here to see what all the cool kids are talking about.