CAULDI have spent most every day this winter sitting by a blazing fire set in my old school cast iron stove and I have loved every minute of it. I also love having a fire outside. It is still a little too cold to sit outside even with a fire, but soon it will be outdoor fire season and I have found the perfect way to enjoy it – with a fire pit from the Cowboy Cauldron Company.

About the Cowboy Cauldron Company: “Cowboy Cauldron Company makes the world’s most beautiful, versatile and durable fire pits & grills. A stunning architectural feature, each Cowboy Cauldron fire pit is hand made in the USA, giving those who insist upon authentic craftsmanship the perfect combination of timeless quality and rugged sophistication. Nothing else even comes close. Cowboy Cauldrons are made of exceptionally thick pressed steel, and are built to last not years, but generations. The Cauldron’s suspended design radiates heat in all directions, extending your outdoor season by weeks – even months. An instant hit with chefs, architects, designers, and discriminating individuals nationwide, the Cauldron will change the way you live and entertain.”

I can totally see myself setting up one of these cauldrons in the last days of the snow cover before the mud take over – with a tumbler of bourbon in one hand and a cigar in the other.

Check out the Cowboy Cauldron Company here.