churchI have read a ton of books about Word War II, most of them about the Battle of Britain and the wartime exploits of one Winston Churchill. After years of reading books about historical events that have been very well covered, it is rare to read something new and surprising about particular topics.

However, my latest Weekly Ready – Dinner with Churchill: Policy-Making at the Dinner Table by Cita Stelzer – is a refreshing new look at one such much covered subject. In this wonderful new book, Ms. Stelzer invites us into a part of Churchill’s life that has been previously uncovered and shows us interesting and surprising insights into the political workings of the man during his finest hour.

About Dinner with Churchill: Policy-Making at the Dinner Table by Cita Stelzer: “A colorful and eloquent look at Churchill as he has never been seen before. With fascinating new insights into the food he ate, the champagne he loved, and the important guests he charmed, this delectable volume is a sumptuous and intellectual treat. A friend once said of Churchill ‘He is a man of simple tastes; he is quite easily satisfied with the best of everything.’ But dinners for Churchill were about more than good food, excellent champagnes and Havana cigars. ‘Everything’ included the opportunity to use the dinner table both as a stage on which to display his brilliant conversational talents, and an intimate setting in which to glean gossip and diplomatic insights, and to argue for the many policies he espoused over a long life.”

In addition to the serious issues Churchill and his war cabinet were dealing with, this book is full of anecdotes that humanize its subject in ways that I have never found before. Tales of Churchill’s use of table utensils to replay an historic battle, for example, not only shows his great knowledge of military history but just how amazing dinner with the man must have been.

Churchill has always been high on my list of historical figures that fascinate me. However, after reading Dinner with Churchill: Policy-Making at the Dinner Table, the next time someone asks the classic question: “if you could have dinner with any figure from history living or dead who will it be?” – I have my answer.

Dinner with Churchill: Policy-Making at the Dinner Table by Cita Stelzer is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.