BUNNYOver the winter while entertaining a guest for a dinner, I uncovered an old, long out of use, ceramic soup tureen in the shape of a rooster. This lost serving dish was a remnant of my mother’s farm animal phase, better known as the 1990’s. Anyway, the tureen was a delightful addition to the dinner table and a fitting vehicle for my world famous vegetable soup.

Anyway, I was reminded of the rooster tureen when I saw the Bunny Lidded Serving Bowl from Pottery Barn: “Beautifully handcrafted with delicate features and set in a natural, restful pose, this bunny makes a home for your favorite dish and brings springtime style to the table.”

Check out the Bunny Lidded Serving Bowl from Pottery Barn here.

See the companion Bunny Cookie jar from Pottery Barn here.