CSBI have been looking for alternative food storage solutions for some time now – i.e., alternatives to plastics. I have given up plastic storage tubs for glass ones, and I use waxed paper or parchment as often as I can. Now I have found a great solution to help store cheese – the products of Formaticum.

About Formaticum: “Our mission is to extend life and good flavor by preventing cheese from suffocating inside the ubiquitous plastic wrap coffin. Our two-pronged approach to eradicating fromage-icide, once and for all, includes offering professional quality cheese paper in retail form for home use and convincing every cheese retailer to only use materials designed specifically for cheese. We have made a good start, but our work is not done and we need your help! Join our cause by demanding the best and telling your cheese retailer to use or sell packaging designed for cheese. It is a matter of life or death… for your cheese that is.”

Specifically, I like Formaticum’s Cheese Storage Bags, which I think can be used for a lot more than just storing cheese.

About Formaticum’s Cheese Storage Bags: “Keep your cheese tasting fresher longer with simple to use Formaticum Cheese Bags. Tired of spending too much time wrapping your cheese? Then say hello to cheese bags. Our bags are manufactured in France and designed specifically to store cheese. They are porous enough to let cheese breathe while retaining ample humidity to prevent the cheese from drying out. Cheese bags are the perfect solution for quick cleanup of leftovers and make excellent gifts for everyone who eats cheese.”

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